Decision techniques

Either the decision is absolutely clear or you are uncertain and think back and forth about it. Your mind offers solutions, your belly say something else and you ask others for advice. When you are unclear it is better to wait until you have reached inner certainty! Inner certainty evolves through listening within till your inner voice gives you the responds. The inner voice has nothing to do with the thoughts of your mind; instead it is the intelligence that comes from your belly. In the business of life it often is overheard. It needs the silence, the contemplation to come forward, and so the focus on the within. . For that we mostly don’t have the calmness and time. When you need to make a quick decision, here some not head focused decision making techniques that consider your unconscious wishes:

One possibility is to blindly use a pendulum so that the mind does not influence the outcome.

When you are familiar with kinesiology you can also use bio feed back as a tool.

You can furthermore work with the following method used in Constellation Works: In detail write the different options on pieces of paper and lay them face down on the floor so you do not know what is written on each of them. Now first feel your body on its own. Then begin by standing on the different covered options and sense what your body is telling you. Do not listen to your mind’s interpretations but feel your body sensations. Some options will feel good, others neutral and some possibly bad. When an option feels uncertain spend some more moments on it as the sensations can change. Sometimes there is just one good option, which makes it easy. When there are several good options stand on each of them for some more time until you become certain what is the best option for you. Moving back and forth between options can help in reaching a conclusion. Then enjoy discovering your choice! Using this technique can help you learn to sense your body. Try it with small decisions first to learn about your body responses to different choices, and test if this technique is of help to you..

In our society we do not learn to pay attention to the language of our body and our inner voice. But this can be learned. It only takes some patience, time and peace. In addition, you can include astrology to confirm your own perception. In the long run, however, it is best to learn to fully trust in yourself. All these methods show the momentary situation and can change with changing conditions.

When you wait until someone else makes the decision for you, you will no longer be in action, but in reactive mode. When the decision someone else made for you is inconvenient and fails, you can be the victim blaming the other person. In the end, you can however only blame yourself for given away the power to make your own decisions.